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We have a passion for telling amazing workplace stories that captivate the imagination and spark curiosity.


This passion drives us to create remarkable storytelling experiences using our extensive knowledge of workplace research, strategy, design, and visualization.


802Studio is offering our passion, expertise, and experience to furniture companies and their dealer partners in order to build customer relationships and win business.


The Porch at Encom Bank

Financial Institution Vertical Engagement


Our Process


Everything starts with gaining a thorough understanding of the customer and their industry.


A workplace strategy for the engagement is developed based upon the extensive research.


Dynamic design solutions arise from the research and strategy.


Solutions that prioritize an amazing user experience before everything else.


Plaza at ConSec Bio

Life Science Vertical Engagement


We take a holistic approach to everything we do at 802Studio.

Whether we are helping to craft a campaign-style approach to engaging a customer, strategizing with you on creating a narrative-based presentation agenda, or designing a Conceptual Office Landscape as part of an RFP response, our broad range of knowledge and expertise will elevate your offering and brand.

Sales Engagements

RFI/RFP Responses
Thought Starters (Tailored for the Customer)

Marketing & Sales Tools

Vertical Market Engagement Experiences
Thought Starters (General and Vertical Market Specific)
Activies-Driven Settings Lookbooks
Workplace Insight Presentations


Exploded Birdseye of Encom Bank

Financial Institution Vertical Engagement


Research + Insights

Research and analysis of vertical markets and organizations.
Insight sharing and review for strategic selling and alignment.



Space Planning (with metrics)
Interior Architecture (for conceptual context)
Furniture Settings
RFI/RFP Design and Packaging


Animated Films
360° Panoramic Tours + VR
Realtime Virtual Tours
Film and Tour Script Writing
Original Music

Engagement Strategy

Planning, creation, and deployment of sales tools.  Coaching on usage and best practices.
RFI/RFP response ideation and review.


Front Door at Weyland Yutani 

General Vertical Engagement

Let's Get Vertical

Workplace Trends have little relevance when not given proper context within the customer's vertical market requirements and business objectives.

That's why everything we create at 802Studio is based upon our knowledge and insights around a number of key verticals.

From 'ready-made' content to experiences created just for you, our approach to delivering research-driven, strategy-focused, and evidence-based vertical selling tools will give you 100% differentiation in your markets.

Explore a sampling of our work below - taken from current Vertical Market Engagement Experiences.


Life Science

Life Science organizations in North America received $70 billion in private and public capital in 2020; a staggering 93% increase since 2018. There’s arguably no other vertical with as much market potential as life science.

A fiercely competitive industry, hiring qualified laboratory, developer, and programming staff has been a significant challenge. Our work in this vertical demonstrates how space can be used as a powerful tool for attracting and retaining talent.

We also dive into the importance of designing flexible lab and office landscapes, and how the rapid adoption and evolution of biological computation is having a dramatic affect on the design of life science environments.

Financial Institutions

Commercial and investment banks are undergoing significant internal shifts across every division, fueled in large part by the increased onboarding of fintech. Machine learning and AI adoption continue to push a digital revolution that’s having a profound affect on the banking office landscape and core roles that have rarely changed in 100 years.

We dive deep into the many changes taking place in this traditionally conservative vertical, and how the office landscape needs to be re-imagined to support new work processes and evolving employee expectations.

Professional Services

From office first to hybrid to remote first, the New Era of Work is here. We offer concrete ideas and actionable solutions that will spark the imagination of your customers.

Every aspect of work is addressed; including how the office landscape should be offering a wide variety of activities-based settings to meet the diverse range of workers' needs. Well-Being considerations and privacy-on-demand are also key narrative points.

Most importantly, we demonstrate how the office can be a place where staff ‘want to be’ as opposed to ‘need to be’.

Other Verticals Supported

802Studio has knowledge and experience in many other Vertical Markets

Material Science
Higher Education

Branch Banking


Open Office Neighborhood

Material Science Company



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